Tuesday, 15 September 2009

1440 liter / 380 gallon Central America tank

After having had a great time aquascaping and maintaining smaller tanks, I acquired my first Big Tank in 2006.
The Tank measured 250x80x70cm which is approximately 98.4x31.5x27.6 inches. The thickness of the glass was 12mm = .47 inch.

This tank obviously needed some lights and a pump, so I added 2x 70 Watts HQI, and a Ocean Runner 3500. Then I went out to collect rocks, and wood. For the final touch I added Microsorium pteropus.

These videos might give you an even better impression:

And a second one I made a year later:

Hope you enjoy the pics and the movies!


  1. my friend is a wonderfull tank, and I wish make a question about the glass that you used, is normal glass? or it is templed glass??


  2. Hi Fher, the glass used is normal 12mm glass. In the 981 gallon tank I used 19mm glass. This is more then sufficient, but with small kids in the house I don't want to take risks. Even better is layered glass with 19mm+6mm or 15mm+9mm: if tue outer layer is damaged, the tank won't burst. This is user e.g. in Schiphol airport, as many people are passing by. Hope this helps, otherwise let me know. Tom