Sunday, 20 September 2009

1440 liter / 380 gallon Central America tank => THE FISH

In this post I'll tell a bit about the fish I kept in the 380 gallon Central America tank. Initially I populated the tank with convicts / Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum. I introduced two strong couples into the tank, which I got via the chairman of the Dutch Cichlid Association, Willem Heins, ( who originally collected them in one of the Nicaraguan Crater lakes. These Central American lakes remind me of the great African Malawi and Tanganyika lakes, as they are the home of many interesting species of Cichlids. I can really recommend The Cichlidroom Companion for more information and some great articles.

Within days the the two couples had offspring, and within weeks the tank was crawling with tiny convicts. Ideal I thought, as I intended to keep Parachromis loisellei and managuensis. In their natural habitat these predatorial fish love convicts, so I was not worried. About two years later I understood I was wrong: the little ones were almost always able to hide between the roots and the rocks, and they turned into a pest when it came to reducing the offspring of the loisellei and other breeding fish.

Willem also provided me with a fantastic couple of Amphilphus chancho, which he personally collected in Nicaragua. The male is 35+cm/14 inch+) and the female approximately 23 cm/9 inch. Below the video of this stunning fish:

Here are two pics of the Amphilophus chancho:

Below you can see a video of the Parachromis loisellei and the Amphilophus chancho:

In the next post I'll add some more videos.

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