Sunday, 11 October 2009

fantastic 15.000 liter tank setup

This is by far the most professional setup description I have come accross on the web.
These guys are super professionals. I don't know if they are still active though...

How to setup a 15.000 liter aquarium

3600 liters / 951 gallons aquarium - VIDEOS

Some videos:

The tank during the day:

The tank in the evening:

For other videos have a look at my youtube channel

3600 liters / 951 gallons aquarium - Cabinet overview

And the tank caninet from several angles:

3600 liters / 951 gallons - construction time (2)

So, after getting the tank, the filtration and the background in place, it's time to create the cabinet, and install the lights...



My brother in law is a master carpenter (builds e.g. yacht interiors):
He helped me out.




3600 liters / 951 gallons - construction time (1)

I have been setting up a big aquarium over the last year.

Here are some pics of the developments:

Placing the 360x100x100 cm tank (19mm glass):

Above the tank we used liquid pond epoxy: 100% water proof and ideal against too high humidity.

The filtration system consists of an EB40 beadfilter + a Red Dragon 12.000 l/h pump + 1Kw heater:



Preparing the back ground, consisting of 3x Pangea Rocky 3 (on the picture a friend and experienced Central American cichlid breeder, Jan Fioole):




Sunday, 4 October 2009

Freshwater dolfin VIDEO

Hi, I just came accross this fantastic video on youtube, which I have to share: