Sunday, 21 February 2010

3600 liter tank - update februari 2010

The tank is doing great. The jaguar cichlids have another cloud of young swimming through the tank. Most fish ignore the fry completely, except for the female Chuco micropthalmus: They really like to eat them, sometimes being as bold as to swim through the cloud, right in front of the massive mana's...
I have noticed that the blue algae increase when I refresh water, and decrease over time, after the water change. Although the local water quality is supposed to be as good as bottled water, I have my doubts about the phosphate levels. According to the official reports (pdf Loenen aan de Vecht, Netherlands) it should be no problem though.

I have not seen the Brachyplatystoma tigrinum since I introduced the Nandopsis salvini couple to the tank. The salvini's took over his favourite, and, to me, visible spot. This is unfortunate, as there are many hiding places behind and in between big rocks that I cannot see. Either he emerges one day, 10 inches larger, or he'll completely vanish... I hope for the best.

The black arowana is doing great. He consumes loads of small fish, shrimp, small octopus, mussels etc, and grows beautifully. As the tank is 100cm high, he can easily use the top 20cm without swimming through the territory of the large cichlids. A common issue with arowana's is that they develop "drop-eyes", bulging eyes, facing downwards. One of the reasons for this deformity is constant attacks from below from large, aggressive cichlids if a tank is too low. Hopefully the height of this tank is sufficient. So far, no indication of drop-eyes :-)

I have selected some more pictures, courtesy/copyright of John de Lange, that I really like:

 (Male Parachromis loisellei)

 (male Parachromis managuensis)

couple Parachromis managuensis defending fry)

 (couple Vieja bifasciatus)

 (couple Vieja bifasciatus)

 (2 male Chuco micropthalmus facing off)

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  1. This tank and this cichlids is absolutely amazing!!! Love it!